Vanoi - Canal San Bovo: the "green heart" of the Trentino

The valley of Vanoi surely merits its sobriquet "green heart" of the Trentino. The name Vanoi refers not to a single village, but on the one hand to the river, which flows through the region. On the other hand it names as well the whole valley between the coarse rocks of the Lagorai and the rank forests of the nature park Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino.

The first venturous mountaineers came to Vanoi already in the middle of the 19th century. Over the years the village emerged as a nice holiday resort, which is now a particularly popular not just amongst alpinists and mountain climbers; many guests explore the valley also by skis or with snow shoes.   

Canal San Bovo is the principal town of the Vanoi valley, a pretty and hospitable village on 750 m above sea level. From here, you can start innumerable excursion in the vicinity.

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