Castle, villa and museum...

...San Martino provides more variety. Even if you would pause for a day from skiing and hiking or if the weather is bad, you don't have to spend the precious day in the hotel room. Therefore the environs of San Martino di Castrozza offer several points of interest, so your holiday in the mountains gets also some cultural aspects.

A good tip is for example the Castel Pietra that is enthroned on a ledge near Primiero. Legend has is it that it was built as protection against Attila and the Huns. In the 16th century the Venetians destroyed some parts of the castle and also the time left its marks; therefore it isn't inhabited today. But with a little bit of imagination you will surely revive the ruin.

The exhibits in a small museum in Vanoi valley originate from another historical age, namely from World War I. An exhibition with pictures and different items remember the hard battles on the front, which took place on the Lagorai.

In Tonadico in Valle del Primiero valley the Casa del Parco opens its doors for interested visitors. Originally the villa and the park were owned by the earl Giorgio Thun Weisberg. Today, they are used as location for varied events and activities, for example literary promenades or sky observation.

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