Bike tour to Monte Totoga - for masters and biking experts only

Endurance and physical condition are an absolutely must for this tour, because you have to manage two fairly steep inclines. But certainly there are as well two enjoyable descents, which compensate for all efforts. If you would like to undertake this tour, but you don't feel certain that your fitness suffices, you can also provide two day trips instead of one.

Starting point is Primiero or rather its district Imer. First you have to go straight ahead and down towards "Cappuccetto Rosso". About 1 km afterwards you turn on your left. The following leg to the refuge Vederna is the steepest one of the tour. After a well-earned break you can enjoy the first descent until that the gravel path next to the artificial lake turns into the main street. The following tunnel can be driven around on the right on the old road. Finally you have to go on downwards right-hand on a car-free tarred road.

The second climb lead on a military road on the right upside towards the brig on Monte Totoga. All in all you have to manage 48 hairpin bends. But the road isn't as steep as lastly and therefore manageable. You continue following the sign "Gobbera" upwards to the gorge. After this you are first on a trail, then on a road and you go straight on. Next to a tower you turn on your right side and you go back towards Imer.


Length of the route: 45,7 km
Difference in altitude: 1840 m
Difficulty: demanding

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