Cortina - Golfing with look of the mountains

The Italian Golf Federation is leading the Circolo Golf Miramonti in Cortina d'Ampezzo. This circolo is an installation, which offers the possibility to enjoy holidays doing many different sport activities.

The Circolo Golf Miramonti Cortina offers not just the possibility to play golf, but also a few other sports from May until November. Every sport you choose in the end, you're always allowed to do it inside this "circolo". Like the name already says, Miramonti (literally traduced: watching the mountains), this installation has been constructed on the food of a few of the most beautiful peaks of the Dolomites.
The golf course has six holes and in addition to them a course to practise, which is a bit easier to play. The "Circolo Golf Miramonti" organises challenges for professionals and also beginners courses. You can also come to practise your tee and hit a few golf balls from the twenty platforms installed. You can play until the dark, because this area gets illuminated in the evening.
In this enclosure you can also make other sports, like playing field football or play tennis, because the "Circolo Golf Miramonti" has a field of synthetic green, which you can arrange whether to play tennis or football. Also the beginners courses are not just for the golfing, but also for tennis. You can choose to make one of them the whole summer long and you can be assured that the teachers are very competent in what they do.
The "Circolo Golf Miramonti" is situated in an incomparable landscape, with a natural park, a lake and a few little hills, which stands right before the mighty mountains of the Dolomites.
Circolo Golf Miramonti Cortina
Tel.: +39 (0)436 867176 or +39 335 5475091
Via Peziè 104
32043 - Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)

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