The incomparable skiing area of Auronzo di Cadore

One of the most popular skiing areas of the Dolomites is the one in Auronzo di Cadore. The mountain, called Monte Agudo is the one between Misurina and Auronzo di Cadore. This mountain offers countless possibilities to enjoy winter.

Auronzo di Cadore is situated in the valley floor of Cadore and it's about 8 km long. It's one of the most interesting skiing areas of all the Dolomites and the only problem in this region is to be spoilt for choice. The mountain Agudo is connected also to the Kronplatz and it's provided with 25 km of snow tracts.

They are of course all in different levels of difficulty, so that anyone can also just learn skiing on tracts of lower level. The area of Auronzo di Cadore-Misurina can also offer a lot of services, for example the ski rental. Or there's also the possibility to engage a skiing instructor directly on the mountain for every age needed. When at last you have everything you need and you speed down the hill there are many cottages where you can make a break, when the chosen tract is just too hard or too long.

Another wonderful thing is the panorama you see, when you come down the mountain, without comparison.

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