Sappada - holidays in a heavenly wonderland

First arriving at Sappada you will feel like in the famous film "Lord of the rings". Between the mellow green hills you will start looking for "hobbits". Everything is surrounded by deep woods.

And in the middle of this heavenly wonderland live really unique people. Here the people don't speak Italian but an Austrian dialect. Already in the 11th century people came from Austria to this place between Friuli, Veneto and Austria.

Mill on Piave - Sappada
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The area is very isolated. That's why the Italian language has never really been established in Sappada. The inhabitants are proud of their language, their traditions and customs. And at least as proud they are of the nature surrounding their village. That's why there are no big skiing areas in Sappada or loud event-tourism. No, in Sappada people have decided to offer environmentally-sensitive tourism in order to protect their beloved nature and traditions.

Hiking and cycling in summer, skiing on 25 km of slopes and cross-country skiing in winter. That's the deal!

Simple, but good hotels, pensions and apartments and hospitable and friendly people are awaiting you! Sappada is the perfect holiday destination to forget all your stress at work and everyday worries!

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