Pejo Terme: inner wellbeing

The force of water has been appreciated for centuries. Each and every mineral spring tells its own story. The mineral springs of the Val di Peio Valley originate in the mountain Ortles-Cevedale.

The water makes a journey of several years through all the rocks before it comes to the surface. During this time it absorbs numerous minerals.

The water sources of Pejo are of a really good quality. During a walk or a mountain bike tour in the Stelvio National Park you can drink out of them without worrying.

In Peio there we find 3 different types of sources. All of them have different characteristics:

Water Source "Antica Fonte": It contains high concentrations of bicarbonates and carbon dioxide, is rich in iron, calcium and magnesium.
From "Nuova Fonte": the water is effervescent and rich in salts; can improve different diseases, gastro and gallstones.

"Fonte Alpina" source:  the water is rich in minerals, but very cold; it has a temperature of 7.2 ° C; represents a very low concentration of salts and a pH close to neutrality.

Those waters will give not only refresh you, but also give you new force and energy!

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