Melinda: the apple of the Val di Non!

In spring the vast meaodws of the Val di Non valley are covered by white and pink apple flowers. In the background white glaciers are rising into the sky. Something you must have seen!

In the areas Pejo and Cles of the valley apple trees cover the hills. In the months of September, October and November here everything is about this fruit.

The apples in this area are known under the name Melinda! 5200 farmers form the consortium. Different kinds of apples are cultivated in this area: Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Renetta du Granada and recently also Gala and Fuji. Altogether about 300,000 tons of apples are harvested each year.

During your vacation in the Val di Non Valley you can learn about apples and theirs history by visiting the "MondoMelinda" in the country of Taio.

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