Snowparks in Trento and Valsugana

No matter where you spend your holidays in Trentino, nice snowparks are almost everywhere! Just as near Trento and in Valsugana region.

Look here for some short descriptions about the huge snowparks in the skiing area of Monte Bondone and the one in San Martino di Castrozza.

Monte Bondone Snowpark
The snowpark in the skiing area Monte Bondone is situated next to the chairlift

"Tre". There you can find a fast 4x Cross slope with whoops and jumps and at the end of it rails and jumps for pros and beginners. The snowpark offers a Pro- and a Medium Line.

San Martino di Castrozza Snowpark
The snowpark in San Martino di Castrozza is among the oldest ones in the whole Dolomites area. The sunny snowpark features an Easy Jumps Line (2-3-4 m), an Easy Rails Line (funbox , jib box, straight rail), a Medium Jumps Line ( 4- 6- 8 m), a Medium Rails Line (funbox, kinked box, rainbow box , straight rails), a Timber Line, a Pro Jumps Line (10-12-15 m) and a Pro Rails Line (straight rails and funboxes).


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You need only 30 minutes by car to get from Trento to the Mount Monte Bondone, where a small but nice skiing area is waiting for skiers. There you'll find a lot of easy and medium difficult slopes.The only black slope is the "

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