Lavarone lies on a plateau at about 1,100m above sea level and is surrounded by green pastures and meadows.

The town is a pleasant holiday destination, both in summer and winter. In summer you can enjoy trekking or hiking or mountain biking. In winter the skiing area begins in the country of Bertoldi. The , however, area is more suited for cross country skiing.

The "Millegrobbe", the major international cross country skiing competition is being hold in this area. Agriculture is, in addition to tourism, a very important factor for the area's economy. In Lavarone there is also a small but pretty lake, the Lavarone Lake. It is so small that sometimes it is not even marked on maps.

Two of the most important philosophers, Sigmund Freud in the beginning of the 19th century, and before him Hippocrates, used to spend their holidays at the shore of the pretty lake.

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