Folgaria and Lavorone are located south east of Trentino. Above 2,000 m above sea level the area's landscape consists of an alternation of meadows, pastures, forests and.

The area has a moved history. The Great War was fought here. The fortifications built by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, also known as "Fortezze dell'Imperatore", are witnesses of those battles. They are at a distance of 30 km from each other and connected by military roads and trenches.

Those ancient military roads and trenches have transformed into pleasant and charming hiking paths, some of them more demanding than others.

Following the "Marcia dei Forti" you can follow the path soldiers took in ancient times.

This opportunity is being given to you since 1999 on the plateau of Folgaria. The numerous paths of different length and difficulty wind along three Austro-Hungarian fortresses in Folgaria: Dosso delle Somme, Cherle and Sommo.

Folgaria is a winter - paradise!
In winter, along the ski circuit "Skitour dei Forti ", you can admire a magnificent view over the Brenta Group, the Pasubio and the Vigolana. For mountain bikers the «Gran Bike di Folgaria" should be interesting.

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