Centa Acropark in Castel Molino

In Centa San Nicolò, 3 km from Caldonazzo Lake and 20 km from Trento there we find the Centa Acroparc. It's an acrobatic park offering fun for all ages!

You also find hiking, biking and horseback riding tracks. All of them in the middle of unspoilt nature along the banks of Centa river.

Two new paths will be opened next season: a junior one for children and an acrobatic one consisting of 12 stages around the perimeter of the park. During your hiking or biking tours in the park, you will be able to appreciate the forest. Here you find a huge number of different species of plants and flowers.

If you want to spend time relaxing, far away from the smog and from everyday life, the Park is ideal for you!

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