Biological cultivation of herbs at the "Pflegerhof"

Seiser Alm, is famous for its uncontaminated nature, the respect for the ambience and its local products. Exactly because of these characteristics in Seiser Alm, since 1982, in the farmstead  "Pfleger" of San Osvaldo, grows many herbs in the large green fields around, like sage, thyme, chamomile, lavender and balm.

The one who made grow this agricultural company was Martha Mulser. She and her 4 children let this farmyard become an example for alternative and biological cultivation in South Tyrol.

Everything here is 100% ecological, from the fertilizer to the manufacturing process. The finished products then are going to be sold at the biological market and at the selling point of the yard itself. From May to October you have the possibility to walk through the herb fields, amongst others, to see the products growing and hear from an expert anything you wanna know about these biological treatment methods. You can learn also few things about the single plants and their efficacy.

Nature lover shouldn't miss this experience. After a day inside the biological agriculture you can also carry home a few essential oils, different infusions and food of very high quality, for which stays the Seise Alm.

Here the homepage of the farmyard:

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