Völs am Schlern - holidays in a climatic spa

Völs am Schlern has a very good reputation. And for a good reason! The village, situated at the feet of Mt. Schlern, was chosen as climatic spa in 2003. Since that the gastronomy and hotel business have improved their quality even more. Regarding the landscape there is hardly another locality in South Tyrol which can keep up with Völs am Schlern.

Völs am Schlern and its neighboring villages Kastelruth and Seis am Schlern are surrounded by hilly meadows, blossoming mountain pastures, wide fields and woods. As a background to this fairytale-like countryside we have the Mt. Schlern and Mt. Rosengarten soaring into the sky like gigantesque skyscrapers. This place is simply unique!

But the meadows and mountain pastures aren't only a miracle of nature. They've become what they are today thanks to the human hand. Mountain farmers have been cultivating them for centuries. They have hand-cut the hay, brought it to the barns and in winter they've come up the mountain to sledge it down to the valley. At that time the epitome of wellness and spa in South Tyrol was born, the hay-bath. The farmers used to sleep in the fresh-cut hay. The next day they would feel fit and powerful.

Holidays in Völs am Schlern are a unique experience. The air here is fresh and sparkling and smells like fresh-cut hay. We are sure that you will enjoy Völs am Schlern in the Dolomites!

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