The pureness of Alps

The high quality of the products of the Seiser Alm derives from the genuine coltivation and production of the people living on it, who want to guarantee a perfect taste experience for the visitor.

Already when you walk up on the Seiser Alm you recognize that this place is characterized by a strong bondage between human and nature. The habitants of this mountain pasture are very concerned to offer natural products to visitors from outside. This fantastic goodies are all made very nature-bounded and according to years old traditions. The habitants of the Seiser Alm have been especially sensitized about a healthy alimentation and the seal of quality "Seiser Alm" always guarantees a healthy preparation also to foreign people.

The pureness of the pasture is into every product, for example in cider vinegar, or vinegar of raspberries, aromatic herbage, spices, meat and thinly sliced sausages, fruit and jam, juices and syrups, vegetables, cereals or milk products. The particularity of these products is affirmed also by gastronomes of the Seiser Alm which buy regularly the local specialties to offer them to tourists visiting their hotels or restaurants. This is very positive for the farmer, because a regular earning is guaranteed and the transport time remains short so it's also a help for the environmental protection.

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