Serrai di Sottoguda in the Venetian Alps

Rocca Pietore in Marmolada, offers to its guests a gorge which is considered one of the wonders of the Venetian Alps. It follows a path of about 2 km between the two countries of Malga Ciapela and Sottoguda.

Every season is good to visit the gorge, with or without snow. The gorge has ancient origins, it was born by the erosion of glaciers and the river Pettoria, that still runs along the cliffs of the gorge.

As you reach Serrai di Sottoguda

The Valley of Cordevole is located half way between Feltre and Belluno. Take the highway to Agordo and climb up to the lake of Alleghe. Once in Caprile, turn left for Malga Ciapela and Passo Fedaia. Once you are in the valley, after about 5 km, you reach Serrai di Sottoguda.
From here the route takes you along the deep gorge, walking you can see many beautiful waterfalls.

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