World Luge Championship

In recent decades, Deutschnofen had a lot of toboggan events and so proved its potential as venue for such events. Countless European and World Cup races and the World Junior Championships were already held here. And now finally the World Luge Natural Track Championship will take place.

For four days, you can admire the best male and female athletes of the international luge sport doing what they do best. In single and double-seater competitions you'll see exciting races where they launch themselves down the natural track, with insane speed.

The program, however, provides much more than numerous training runs and races. Many other events will ensure that the audience doesn't get bored. You'll have the possibility to see an amazing air show or you could attend the international "Watt" tournament - that's a famous local card game.

The highlight of the framework program are the definitely the two live band, which are among the most famous in South Tyrol. We are, of course, talking about "Volxrock" and the "Pamstiddn Kings". No matter how cold it gets in Deutschnofen, these two bands know how to heat up the mood.

But they aren't the only one who know how to enthusiast the crowds. The tobogganists are the main attraction and they'll generate excitement for sure. Be there, too and cheer on your favorite athletes. The World Luge Championship in Deutschnofen is going to be a great event!

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