Stegen Market

Three days each year (26th-28th October 2018), the small village Stegen near Bruneck turns into the biggest market of Tyrol. Already hundreds of years ago, huge crowds came from everywhere to sell and buy on this special market. Today they are even more and this tradition will hold on.

"Who wasn't on the Stegen Market, won't get through the winter," - this old adage wasn't that wrong in the past, because the market offered everything people needed and now you'll even find things you don't need. What has remained the same are loads of visitors, who wouldn't miss the market a single year.

Because once been there, you'll go again and if you've never attended, you can expect a charmingly chaotic market, which you've never seen before. During the rest of the year, the marketplace looks dull and gray, but as soon as they put up the countless stands with their colorful wares, it is no longer recognizable.

The smell of roast chestnuts, the organ grinder's music and the immense quantity of stalls at the beginning of the market give an idea of what is following: browsing, haggling and buying. Between local bacon, jam and other delicacies you can find household appliances, clothing and even tractors.

Once, the cattle trade was an integral part of the market, but in recent years, however, it became less important. The offer is just adapted to the needs so, for example, the Luna Park became more popular. For nowadays kids, joining the annual fun at the amusement park is just as obligatory as the market for their parents.

Whether you need it or not - you'll find it on the countless stands and products of Tyrol's largest and most unusual market spectacle. Visit the Stegen Market in Bruneck and prepare yourself for the winter!

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