Snow sculpture competition

In Gröden you can again attend a very special competition: Selected sculptors create true works of art out of ice and snow. After three days, from 09th to 11th of January 2019,  the jury chooses a winner from the figures, which will be displayed throughout the whole winter.

Until spring - or at least as long as the weather permits it, you can admire the works in the center of Wolkenstein. But even more interesting is of course the competition, which allows you to watch the talented artists in action. Within a few days, they'll turn three cubic meters large snow blocks into wonderful and imaginative sculptures.

Gröden is actually well-known for its exceptional works in woodcarving, but as you'll see, it works fine with snow, too! However, the participants have to qualify for the snow sculpture competition with a small wooden sculpture as proposal.

The presentation ceremony takes place on a Sunday and is accompanied by a band and enthusiastic spectators. Wolkenstein offers many possibilities to conclude this exciting day. You could go for a nice walk and a have a wonderful dinner at one of many famous restaurants in Gröden.

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