Lazio football summer camp

The football-team Lazio, arrived on the 8th in Auronzo as in the past years and will stop here for the usual summer camp until Sunday 22nd July.

In Auronzo di Cadore during these days, you can see the white and light blue color of shirts and flags of the fans of the team of Lazio, which chooses the Dolomites and in particular Auronzo to get ready for next football season.

Apparently the coach has no intention to spare the players of his team! Waking up early in the morning, a lot of kilometres of running and two workouts a day!

In the field you can see the new purchases of the team and some of the older players.

During its summer camp, Lazio plans some friendly matches with football-teams of the area! 

The Lazio fans can not miss this event and can take advantage to spend a few days of vacation in the beautiful Dolomites, surrounded by natural beauty as the Lake Misurina or the Three Peaks.

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