High altitude trails in the Dolomites

Picture yourself, alone or with friends on a trekking tour between heaven and earth, between beautiful mountains, heading for enchanted places! On a trekking tour on Dolomites high-altitude trails that is what you will experience. Absolutely special and unique!

There are ten different Dolomite high altitude trail. Some of are up to 180 km long. The trails connect Norht and South and West and East. The panoramic trails belong to the most beautiful in the Alps.

For an overview of all the trails and detailed descriptions visit also www.south-tirol.com/mountain-sports.

  • Trail 1, "Classic Trail": from the Lake Prags in South Tyrol to Belluno in the Eastern Dolomites. 150 km, 15 days, easy, short fixed-rope route
  • Trail 2, "Trail of Legends": from Brixen to Feltre in the Western Dolomites. 185 km, 15 days, some climbing tracks (III) and a glacier travers (Marmolada)
  • Trail 3, "Trail of Chamois": from Toblach to Longarone. 120 km, 10 days, long stages and climbing tracks (II)
  • Trail 4, "Grohmann Trail": from Innichen to Pieve di Cadore. 90 km, 8 days, fixed-rope routes and climbing tracks (II)
  • Trail 5, "Tizian Trail": from Sexten to Pieve di Cadore. 100 km, 10 days, fixed-rope routes and climbing tracks (II), some overnight stays in bivouacs
  • Trail 6, "Trail of Silence": from Sappada to Vittorio Veneto in the Carnic Alps. 190 km, 14 days, fixed-rope routes and climbing tracks (II - III), long stages, some overnight stays in bivouacs
  • Trail 7, "Lothar Pateras Trail": from Pieve d'Alpago to Segusino in the Carnic Alps. 110 km, 11 days, ed-rope routes and climbing tracks (II), long stages, some overnight stays in bivouacs
  • Trail 8, "Panorama Trail": from Brixen to Salurn, 160 km, 13 days, 1 fixed-rope route
  • Trail 9, "Transversale Trail": from Bozen to Santo Stefano. 180 km, 14 days, easy and short stages
  • Trail 10 "Giudicarie Trail": from Bozen to Lake Garda. 140 km, 18 days, 3 fixed-rope routes, long stages

More news

Dolomiti Balloonfestival

At the Dolomiti Balloonfestival in Toblach in Hochpustertal you can really veg out - which is not difficult in such a height and with such a breathtaking view.

Südtirol Dolomiti Superbike

On 7th July 2018, takes place the Südtirol Dolomiti Superbike in Niederdorf, not to be miss!

International Choir Festival

In Pustertal at the end of June, itheld an event truly unique: the International Choir Festival of South Tyrol.

Ex Tempore - Sculpture on Wood

In Belluno from 31st October to 5th November 2017 will be on stage the art of carving wood . You will have the chance to admire wood works in the streets of the country.