Castles of Trentino

The province of Trento and its surroundings are rich in fascinating castles and historic residences. Within the reach of a few hours you can explore passed centuries and the magic of the times of kings, princesses and courtiers.

Once upon a time noble princes and beautiful princesses used to live in those impressive fortresses. The most popular castles in the Trentino are the Castello del Buonconsiglio, the Castello Beseno, the Castello di Stenico, the Castello Thun, the Castello Toblino, the Castello di Rovereto, the Castello di Arco, the Sabbionara di Avio, the Castello Caldes, the Castello Ivano and the Castello Pergine.

The Castello del Buonconsiglio castle is situated right in the center of Trento. Its gardens and its museum are a popular destination among tourists and also inhabitants of the city.

The Castello Toblino is located right on the shore of the lake. Many romantic legends talk about it. It was owned by several noble families. However, they used it more as a holiday resort than as a fortification.

The Castello di Rovereto has undergone several restorations. Nowadays tourists can admire here the "Museo Storico Italiano della Guerra" museum. We strongly recommend to also visit the other castles of Trentino during your vacation in the Dolomites!

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