Your well-being in Gröden Valley, between hay baths and massages

A successful therapeutic bath in Gröden Valley is the hay-bath. The curing effects of the hay have been discovered more than  100 years ago by the countrymen of Gröden Valley.

First the hay has to be made wet with very hot water until it gets smoother. When the hay finally is humid, you can take a bath in it for about 20 minutes. In this time the hay and the added herbage, like gentian or arnica, can release their healing powers for body and mind.

After the warm bath it's time to relax in thick, hot blankets. This typical bath of the Gröden Valley is generally known as very healthy. For example it can reinforce the immune system, help against rheumatism or arthritis and even help for problems of obesity.

Except the hay-bath, there are a lot of other very efficient methods to bath. There are relaxing, reinforcing or appeasing baths and massages and in addition to them there are a lot of beauty care offers.

Here in Gröden Valley you will find also a natural ambience that can relax you by itself.

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