Alta Badia, Val Gardena, Fassa and Ampezzo - Ladin's Dolomites

The Dolomites are unique. Jagged peaks rising into the sky, enclosing valleys and small mountain villages. The fact of being difficult to access and closed, has made some areas of the Dolomites unique! One of this is the Ladin area, united by a common culture and even by a language: Ladin!

Ladin is one of the oldest languages in Europe and is recognized as a linguistic minority. There are only about 30,000 people that speak this language today, especially in the areas of: Val di Fassa, Alta Badia, Val Gardena and Ampezzo.

In San Martino, in Alta Badia there is the Ladin Museum, where you can find many articles and information on the history and origins of the Ladin's culture.

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