Rodenegg Castle

At the beginning of the Eisacktal Valley is standing the "Burg Rodenegg". This castel has been built up in 1140 and since it was finished it has just been accessible through a drawbridge.

The Castel Rodenegg was first constructed by Rodank. For long time after, it stayed in his dynasty until the day came when another family, the Wolkensteiner got it, restored and enlarged it according to renaissance style. The castle is amongst others provided with an atrium, a dungeon, a library and lots of frescos. Behind one of these frescos 1973 was found another painting, but with profane character. It's called the "Iwein"-fresco and it was painted 1200 AD. Still today people is wondering how a fresco like this have could be tolerated by the religious authority of that time.

On the way from the Eisacktal Valley to the Pustertal Valley there's another important building, by now just a ruin, which should be seen. It's located between Mühlbach and Vintl and it's called the "Mühlbacher Klause". This lock has been used as a borderline between the Meinhard brothers of Tirol and Albert von Görz and it should avoid the bishop of Brixen to reach Bruneck. It was like the borderline between the religious authority of Brixen and the profane governance of the Pustertal Valley. After being this, the lock became a customs facility and later a bastion during the rebellion of the farmer and also during the battles of 1809.

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