The legend of King Laurin

One of the oldest and most beautiful legends of the Dolomites is undoubtedly the legend of the King Laurin and his rose.

The legend tells "Where today there are only rocks and stones, there was once a beautiful rose garden that belonged to Laurin, King of the Dwarfs." One day he kidnapped Similde, the daughter of the king. Many chevaliers took up the chase. Ehen they saw a blossoming rose garden they knew they had found Similde.

It followed a violent combat and the knights prevailed over Laurin. Similde married the most valiant of the knights and the King Laurin was dragged into prison. The King of the Dwarves, however, managed to flee. When he returned to his mountains and saw the rose garden he said: "These roses have betrayed me". Laurin uttered a spell that would turn the rose garden into stone. Nobody should be able to see it, nor day, nor night.

But in his spell he forgot the sunset. So, even today, we can admire his garden only at sunset.

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