Cortina - between antiquity and modernity

High fashion, modern designs and antique professions. The coexistence of these different things makes Cortina get a special charm, compared to the other locations in the Dolomites.

The heart of this village is the Corso Italia, which is the luxurious shopping-street par excellence! Amongst the many cabinets of new fashion, you find artisan stores, traditional carvers and retail dealers. While the adults go to buy brilliant jewels, the kids can find something interesting for them right on the other side of the street, like handmade wood-toys.

A lot of famous person already choose Cortina as holiday destination. Not just because of the glamour of the village, but also for its beautiful hotels, delicious restaurants and exciting night clubs.

In winter you can enjoy the ski tracts of Cortina, as a professional skier or just a layman, there are opportunities for everyone.
Because of this mix of new and antique elements Cortina would be a great destination for your holidays, in every season of the year.

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