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Valdobbiádene is situated in the region of Veneto. It is home of the famous "Prosecco", a tasty sparkling wine. Valdobbiádene is the perfect holiday destination for wine lovers and gourmets. Excellent wine and food, that's what's awaiting you!

The Veneto is one of Italy's most famous wine-regions. Valdobbiádene is a very sunny place and its climate is constantly mild. It's only the sweetest grapes that thrive and prosper in the vineyards of Valdobbiádene. In autumn, after the vintage, the wine-growers make the best sparkling wines out of their grapes and export them all over the world. Many wine-growers offer guided tours with included wine tastings for people who are interested in the production. Reveal what is behind a simple bottle of sparkling wine!

In Valdobbiádene you can not only enjoy great sparkling wine but also tasteful and genuine food. Veneto's cuisine is traditional and down-to-earth cuisine. The wild asparagus is the star in spring. Wild herbs, "Bruscandoi", "Rustegot" and "Sparesina", however, are used all over the year. With those special herbs normal every-day-dishes get the special something.

Valdobbiádene is also a very attractive holiday destination for nature lovers. Countless paths and trails lead through beautiful vineyards, to hills and into enchanted valleys.

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