The Civil Museum of Val Fiorentina Valley

It's like a time travel when you visit the Civil Museum of the Val Fiorentina, which is in the nord of Civetta.

The habitants of Val Fiorentina realized the big importance of collecting parts of the history of their land, the traditions and conserve everything properly. The Civil Museum of Val Fiorentina did this and divided three important sections of the cultural reality of this little villages round Civetta.

The first section is the archeological one, where you can find documentations of discoveries made in the last 20 years. The most important was the one of a stone-age man found in Val Fiorentina. It was so special, because no other stone-age man was ever found in such high altitude and the meal where conserved very well so that scientists could base new studies on it and make new discoveries.

The second section is the geo-paleontological one. In here you can find fossils found round the area of Civetta in Val Fiorentina. The most important discovery here was found on a former lime rock and it were three footprints of different dinosaurs. Because of the lime the prints were preserved in a very good condition. And at last but not least the third section: the historical one. This one includes traditions, costumes and conventions of the people of Val Fiorentina.

Museo Civico della Val Fiorentina
Via 4 Novembre, 19
32020 Selva di Cadore BL Italia

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