Alleghe - holidays at the feet of the Giants

In case of Alleghe, when we are talking about the Giants we are talking about the mountains Mt. Marmolada, Mt. Monte Pelmo and Mt. Civetta. The three of them belong to the highest mountains in the Eastern Dolomites.

Marmolada is the only glacier in this part of the Dolomites. Because of this it's no surprise that Alleghe, with its only about 1.500 inhabitants, is headquarter of many alpinists in summer and skiers in winter. It's just the ideal location!

Alleghe is situated on the bank of the homonymous lake. The lake was formed by a huge landslide in 1771. A catastrophe to the people back then, it is a fortune to them today. The Alleghe Lake is reason for the high quality of life in its surroundings. Hotels, restaurants, bars and houses make profit from the clear lake which freezes up in winter. By then people pull on their skates and turn the lake into a giant ice-skating rink. Even the semi-final of the Italian Hockey League took place here in 1932. The "Alleghe Hockey Club", today playing in the Italian A Leage has his origin exactly on this lake in 1945.

Alleghe Lake - Belluno
Alleghe Lake - Archives Veneto Region - Promotion
But there's still a lot of other wintersports to discover! The biggest skiing area of Alleghe is called "Comprensorio Sciistico del Civetta" and makes part of the Dolomiti Superski Association. The Civetta area connects Alleghe with the villages Zoldo, Palafavera and Selva di Cadore. Here you can find everything, easy and medium sunny slopes.

In summer time Alleghe is the perfect starting point for excursions to Mt. Monte Pelmo, to Mt. Civetta or Mt. Marmolada. The notorious north face of Mt. Civetta attracts alpinists from all over the world. But also pleasure-hikers get their money's worth. In the surroundings of Alleghe there is a lot to discover and explore, from beautiful alpine lakes over impressing mountain pastures and breathtaking views to mountain huts with traditional food. Also cyclers and mountain bikers find satisfaction in Alleghe. The Giro d'Italia race stops periodically in Alleghe.

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