Wellness in the "Terme of Calalzo in Cadore"

In Calalzo di Cadore, nearly 43 km from Belluno, stays the thermal establishment Croda Bianca, which operates since the 50's.

Where now stands the building once were a little lake, the lake of Tose, which in the dialect of the Veneto means girls. This lake has been visiting from the habitants of the vale since long time. A few people made also the laundry in this lake, because the water was always in constant temperature and has wonderful whitening powers.

The water is a composition of bicarbonate, sulphate, alkaline and earthy substances. The temperature is constantly about 10,7° and so it's adequate for therapeutic cures and baths. Nowadays the treatments are given by the thermal establishment of the Croda Bianca, which is also near to the hotel Calalzo and all this is near the train station. There are also special weekly offers: for example the beauty-, relax-, detoxification- or curative-week.

The water here can help your circulation, the liver, the billiary, your skin, the stomach, your respiratory system and the metabolism.

In addition to the thermal cures, like aerosol, therapeutic baths, hydroponic cures, hydro-massages, there is also the possibility to get normal massages or an anti-stress-program.

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