Ice cream of Cadore

The valleys of Belluno and Val Zoldana and, in general, the area of Cadore, are famous throughout Italy for the production of handmade ice cream!

How did you get the ice cream until Cadore, still do not know. Some historians believe that the first ice cream in the Veneto, it was precisely Cadore, mainly thanks to the abundance and quality of raw materials, including milk, cream, forest fruits and a cold climate, which aided in the preservation of ice cream.

The ice cream was prepared in special tubs, frozen with ice and salt, then poured into wooden vats that were isolated with bags which maintained solid until evening. Already in the last century the inhabitants of Cadore, exported their ice cream in many German cities and countries Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Given the great success of this product both in and outside Italy, in the late '800 began to rise the first ice cream parlors. To date, ice cream parlors are not counted even more as we do not even count the events, festivals and fairs that have as their main character ice cream!

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