Hiking around the Lago di Auronzo Lake

The Lago di Auronzo Lake belongs to the most beautiful lakes in the Dolomites. Nestling between amazing landscapes and mountains and situated next to the lovely city of Auronzo di Cadore, the lake is a popular place for excursions.

The Lago di Auronzo Lake lies between Misurina and Cortina d'Ampezzo in the Cadore holiday area. Two bridges connect the coasts with each other. The surroundings of the lake offer you many hiking opportunities. Rewarding excursions lead you to the Ansiei Valley or the Val Giralba Valley. From there you can even reach the famous Three Peaks.

Another hiking tour that is to be recommended is the 5 hour hike to the former mine "Miniere di Blenda". Starting point is Villagrande. Follow the Via Tarin Road to the road junction and take the path 11 to the "Crepa Marcia" and then the path 10. It leads you to the path 125. Arrived there, at 1,350 m above sea level, turn right head straight to the mine. It is really worth a visit! Return to your starting point on the same route.

A shorter excursion is the 3 hour hike to the "Piani di Namòs". To reach the marvelous mountain pasture you hike from the Santa Catarina Church to the Val Diebba Valley. From there you follow the path 18 to the Fontanabona mountain pasture. After a while you will reach the "Piani di Namòs". It is a good place to rest, make picnics and play with your children. You can go back to the starting point on the path 19.

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The Misurina Lake is among the most beautiful Lakes in the Dolomites and at the same time the biggest natural lake in the Cadore region.

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