Golf Club Sappada

In Cadore, rather in Sappada, in the Dolomites of Belluno you will find a great Golf Club. This Golf Club Sappada is directed by the Italian Golf Association and can offer anything you need for a nice golfing day.

The Dolomites near Sappada are a beautiful place to make holidays. Especially for Golfer Sappada is a popular place, with a great 8-holes- course, which can be enlarged also to an 18-holes- course. On both of these you will get the chance to test your abilities, because of the special arrangements of the holes.

In this 1.250 meters high situated golf course are eight positions for practising and if you need, you can also have golf lessons, singularly or in a group. To golf, of course, you need a few utensils, like a golf bag, which you can borrow directly in the Golf Club Sappada. Here you can also buy the things you need, like balls and anything else.

After a relaxing golfing day in the beautiful landscape of Cadore, in the evening you can visit the cottage "Mondschein", which may let you have a look inside of the local culture. The typical dishes and local usages will be a pleasant compensation to your golfing day.

Golf Club Sappada
Tel.: +39 (0)435 469585
Località Campetti
Borgata Bach, 96
32047 - Sappada (BL)

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