Val Meledrio Valley: Mount Dosso S. Brigida - Tour

An interesting and easy mountain bike tour in the Brenta Dolomites is the one through the woody Meledrio Valley and to the feet of Mount Dosso S. Brigida.

We start the short tour in the village Dimaro (766 m above sea level) situated in the middle of the Val di Sole Valley. On the village road we bike to Carciato and than on the right to Senasega. Arrived there we take the dirt track to the forest and turning to the right we cross the Meledrio brook and take the forest track. After a while we cross the Meledrio brook again and we have to ascent many turns to reach a road junction where we choose the trail to Pont del Pastin-Campo Carlo Magno. Following a steep and narrow road and going through a tunnel we will come to a suspension bridge at a marvelous waterfall. Going on following the Meledrio brook we come to the feet of the giant Mount Dosso S.Brigida.

To turn back to Dimaro we bike to the mountain pasture Malga Presson and then on the left hand to the bridge "Ponte del Pastin" and down to the mountain pasture Malga del Doss. From there we will ride down to Dimaro enjoying the beautiful landscape.


16 km
600 m difference in altitude
About 3,5 h
Difficulty: easy
Recommended from May to October

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