Golf Club Asiago

The Golf Club Asiago is located in a height of 1.000 meters but it isn't less comfortable then any other Golf Club in lower altitude.

The 18 holes, which were finished in 1990, are positioned in a way that every ball can be played without incline. After the tee, when you go to search your golf ball there won't be many asperities to walk through. Because of the special ecologic system in Asiago, the Golf Club took care of it when it has been built.

With the same respect were built also a few hotels around the golfing area, which stand in the tradition of the people of Asiago, but offer still the luxury of modern hotels. In these hotels you can see a bit of the culture of Asiago and his habitants. With the fresh air of the mountains and the raising ecological system the Golf Club Asiago is one of the most interesting Golf Clubs probably all around the world and it hasn't to subordinate itself to any other.

Golf Club Asiago
Via Meltar, 2
36012- Asiago Vicenza - Italia

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