Mountain bike tour to Mount Monte Grappa

Explore the Mount Monte Grappa in Asiago during a 5 hours mountain bike tour from Romano d'Ezzelino over Semonzo to the peak of the 1,775 m high mountain! A real pleasure for expert bikers!

Starting point of the bike tour is Romano d'Ezzelino, a locality in the holiday area of Asiago and Bassano del Grappa. From Romano d'Ezzelino we cycle to the small village Semonzo. From there you pedal over the Southern mountain face to the peak of Mount Monte Grappa, always with breathtaking views over the plateau of Asiago and the countless vineyards. Up there is an ossuary, built for the victims of the 1st World War. Please don't circle the ossuary.

To get back, take the old military track down to Borso del Grappa.


36 km
1550 m difference in altitude
About 5 h
Highest point: 1,775 - Monte Grappa

Taken from: Alpin - Das Bergmagazin/

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