Asiago - holidays for culture- and nature lovers

If you are looking for quiet and relaxing holidays Asiago is the right place for you! Between enchanting mountain pastures and skyscraper-mountains, beautiful cities and gorgeous localities stress is an unknown thing!

Visitors are mostly impressed by Asiagos charming old town. The more then 1000 years old history of the city is visible everywhere. Nevertheless this historical charm gets along very well with today's changes of Asiago. What makes Asiago so special is the language. A part of the people still speak an ancient German dialect. The prime fathers of Asiago were German farmers and when they came to this part of Veneto to cultivate the land they brought their language and culture with them. The villages of Lusern and Roana try to protect and care for this "Cimbrian" dialect still today. In Roana there is a museum called "Kulturinstitut Augustin Prunner", where you can learn more about the minority-language and its culture.

Not only culture lovers get their money's worth in Asiago and surroundings but also athletes. Asiago is very popular in winter, especially for cross-country skiers because of its 500 km of ski runs. All of them are accessible with a special Nordic Skipass. In summer the area offers a huge possibility for horseback riding, biking and hiking.

By the way, the hockey team of Asiago is one of the best teams in Italy. If you are a hockey fan, you absolutely have to see a hockey match live!

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