On the way of Iron: Strada de la Vena

Who is making a holiday in the area of Arabba, has plenty of walks and tours also very demanding to do. The hike-path will want to present is an interesting track that traces the path of iron in the territory of Buchenstein with two variations: Road from the vein, in higher and Via del Ferro at lower altitudes. Paths leading in a typical alpine landscape, with large meadows and along which you can see many old wooden barns.

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The tour starts in the center of Villagrande, take the direction to Costalta. From here you reach the village of Ru, there you can decide which of the two entrances to the mines to take.

The Strada de la Vena , along a path always in altitude that arrives at Andraz Castle, or the ancient way of iron touching the villages of Sopradaz, Force, Colcuc, Larzonei, Andraz and Cernadoi. Even along the second path you will reach Andraz Castle. Both paths offer panoramic views over the most beautiful Dolomite peaks which Pelmo, Civetta and Marmolada.

Duration: 5 / 6 hours.
Difficulty: Medium
Suggested period: June to September

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