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At first glance Kolfhuschg looks like any other village in Alta Badia. It is situated on the climb to Gröden Pass and offers breathtaking views over the Sella Mountains. 130 km of slopes are at your disposial, all of them within easy reach of the hotels and pensions.

Freeride skiing on Sella
Only at the second glance you see the "real" Kolfuschg, the traditional alpine village. Walking to the church and through the small alleyways in direction of the Edelweiss Valley you will discover it! The ancient farm houses with shingle-roofs and warped fences are giving Kolfuschg its unique charm. Houses with small windows decorated with crane's bills, white limed stone walls and skewbald cats relaxing on wooden balconies. Those are images that will catch your eyes walking through Kolfuschg. You will feel like a time traveler 100 years back in time! It's this combination of the traditional alpine village and the new and modern hotels, pensions and restaurants that gives Kolfuschg it's unique flair!

Kolfuschg is also a paradise for skiers and, especially, freeriders. Three legendary freeriding routes find their ending point in Kolfuschg: "Val Mezdì" and "Val Setus" from Mt. Piz Boe and the "Val Scura" from Mt. Sassongher.

By the way, Kolfuschg is also a popular holiday destination in summer. Fixed-rope routes and hiking paths lead mountaineers to the highest peaks of the Sella massif in the Dolomites. Also for mountain bikers there are numerous opportunities in Alta Badia.

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Search more accommodations - Kolfuschg   Search
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